Time to Vote – 11-15-2020

Time to Vote – 11-15-2020
I want to personally thank all of you who gave of yourself to make a difference in the November 3, 2020 election. With your participation and commitment, we extended our voices that made a difference in the local and national elections. Based on my knowledge of the voting numbers, we had one of the largest black voter turn outs in the history of Macomb County. I know the voting numbers by black people could have been larger; nonetheless we must give credit to the positive and continue the dedicated work needed to make additional political changes in Macomb County. I am eternally grateful for members of the City of Mt. Clemens Political Group. It was this group of community leaders who were “Trail Blazers” in establishing a foundation of political activities that was responsible for the election of Rashidah Hammond to the Mt. Clemens City Commission.

There still remains a great deal of work to be done if we expect to return Democratic politicians to key positions in Macomb County. I was surprise that some of our Democratic candidates loss key positions during the just held election. That says to me maybe the right message is not getting to the voters who once voted the Democratic ticket. With President Barack Obama’s 2008 message of hope and change, Democratic voters went to the poles and voted like never before. That message came through; showing the power of what a coalition of voters can do when black and white people mobilize together behind a worthy cause. Macomb County was once the powerful structure of the political operation, but for some unknown reason it has become a Republican strong base. What we have to understand and not ignore is that when there is so much blame thrown around for the ills of our society, the real reason is left unsaid. I believe, and this is my personal feelings, that if we are more concerned about getting back voters the Democratic Party lost to President Trump, there cannot be an assumption that all those voters were white. I know for myself there were black voters in Macomb County who also voted for President Trump.

Once again we want to congratulate the winners from the November 3, 2020 election. Additionally, we give recognition to those candidates who did not win.

Tammy T. Patton—Clinton Township Board four 4-Year Term
Antoinette Wallace—County Commission 9th District
Michelle Nard—County Commission 1st District

Because of the COVID-19 PANDEMIC all meetings dealing with the City of Mt. Clemens Political Group has been on hold. I would suggest however, that members might connect with other organizations that are holding “ZOOM MEETING” and offer your support. There is still much political work to be done.


Dr. Sherman Cottingham, Chair of Mt. Clemens Political Group

Phone: 586-823-4043

E-mail: mott1968@aol.com

November 15, 2020