Time to Vote – 10-05-2020

Time to Vote – 10-05-2020
We have just witness a women who reflexes a character and charisma second to none. Formal first lady Michelle Obama was part of a dramatic program on television Sunday night. This program displayed and presented the quality of a women measured against the distinctive attributes or characteristics possessed. She was certainly one of our greatest and utmost first ladies. When you listen to her words you get inspired and feel elevated to do something real. Make things happen that will help your neighbors and friends. As you review the day formal President Obama was elected President of the United States and when the president introduced his wife, it is difficult to keep my eyes dry and to control my emotional feelings. You have a realness that can be turned loose also. It is your VOTE.

There are only “29 days” remaining until the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election Day. If you have not done so, and wish to vote absentee, you can call your City Clerk, Township Clerk or Macomb County Clerk and request a ballot. Fill out the ballot and drop it off in person at their Township or City Clerk’s office by 4 P.M. the Monday before Election Day or return it by mail. You also have the option of voting in person at your precinct.

I invite you to become a part of the new “Voting Coalition” in Macomb County. Make your voice heard by voting to elect a United States President and these candidates listed below.

Tammy T. Patton for Clinton Township
Antoinette Wallace for County Commission 9th District
Olu Jabari for Representative in State Legislature 33th District
Laurita Bledsoe for Trustee in Macomb Township
Michelle Nard for County Commission 1st District
Michelle Merriwether for Trustee in Chesterfield Township
Rhonda Warner for Trustee in Harrison Township
Pastor Lance Pittman for Board of Trustee Macomb Community College
Pastor Lancaster and Joel, please forward this document to your members. Thanks.


Bro. Sherman Cottingham, Chair City of Mt. Clemens Political Group

Phone: 586-823-4043

E-mail: mott1968@aol.com

October 5, 2020